Sunday, May 9, 2010

One of the Greats

Satrina is one of the Greats. We celebrated her dirty 30 last week with yummy food and my first round of pool. Craziness I tell ya. Her husband and another close friend of her's celebrated, laughed and were just together for her.
For Satrina and I we have lots of history. Our friendship has evolved over many seasons of our lives. Some parts were spent together and some apart. But what I find so fantastic about our friendship is this....we just pick up where we left off. Truly. It's amazing. We became the quintessential BFF'S back in 1990. Wow, did I just write that? Circa 1990 where zippered jeans, doubled down scrunch socks and up/down curled bands lived in all their glory. This was not Satrina though. We couldn't have been more different from jump. Satrina at the ripe ol age of 10, rocked Metallica shirts. I love her! We were inseparable for those elementary years. While there we were few friends my dad allowed over, Satrina was always a welcome sight to both my mom and dad. I think they might have liked her more than me at times. Just saying. She would throw out witty one line zingers that would make my mom laugh so hard. I would dress her up in my clothes and make her my real live doll. I'm sure she loved it. I'm almost positive. I ended up going to a different Jr. high and we grew apart a bit after that. But we reconnected again back at good ol' NSHS. And while we didn't hang in the same social circles, we still managed to have some classes together and snag a couple good laughs here and there. She prob lay doesn't know this but I missed her in highschool. And so did my family. So after graduation we went our separate ways in life....and survived our own madness. But a couple years ago....we picked up where we left off. Satrina and I reconnected again. And by far these past couple years of our friendship have meant the most to me. Satrina is an irreplaceable friend to me. And I think she doesn't even know why. There are few and I mean few, people that knew my mom that I still know today. And that has been a tremendous support for me throughout my life without my mom. Satrina remembers things that my own memory has failed me on. What a blessing it is. To have someone else remind you of how great your own mom was. My heart will not allow me to express my gratitude for that to her. Satrina is a survivor like me too. Which makes us both tough and vulnerable all in the same bite. Satrina is accomplished in dance and starting(surviving)her first business venture too. Oh and she is a fulltime mom of 2 and a wife! Her plate is full people. And this is why I think she is one of the Greats. And I just hope/pray she knows too how much LOVE went into preparing this life for her. She is loved by many. So I wish you, Satrina, another 30 years and more of love. More than you think you deserve or can hold onto. Happy Birthday! xoxo

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  1. I just read this Andria! You made me cry, and I'm not the crying type lady! I love you!